Membership to Mohawk Soaring Club gives you access to the best soaring in the Northeast, and at the best rates in the area.

The club operates primarily on weekends from early April through November. Soaring operations are an all-day event, from late morning to the early evening! Depending on weather and member interest, secondary operation occurs on weekdays. Soaring days are announced via email, and members sign up through a simple website on days they choose to fly.

Dues & Fees

How it Works:

All members pay quarterly dues. In addition to this, members are charged both a glider rental fee and a tow fee (which varies in cost depending on the altitude you choose) for each flight.

Glider instruction with our FAA-certified instructor is FREE, and only requires payment of the glider rental and tow fees for the flight.

An average recreational or instructional flight with Mohawk Soaring costs less than $60 (compare this to the average instructional flight in a single-engine airplane in the area at $265!)

For students (i.e. high school, college, graduate school), not only are membership rates half-price, but there is also a special fund available for tow fees and glider rental fees!

To learn more about membership and find out our current rates, contact us!

Types of Membership

Regular Membership – Full access to our club and rates.

Student Membership – For current students, dues are HALF PRICE of regular membership.

Limited Membership – Short-term membership at a reduced rate – try us out!

Contact us for information and an application.