Mohawk Soaring Celebrates 70 Years of Soaring

September 10/11, 2022

        We’re excited to announce that the Mohawk Soaring Club is celebrating its 70th anniversary with a fly-in/tow-in event on September 10 &11, 2022. We’d like to invite all the glider clubs in our area to soar with us at our club location at Harriman and West airport (AQW) in North Adams, Massachusetts. The airport is nestled just north of Mt. Greylock and east of the Taconic Range. With favorable westerly winds, the location provides fantastic ridge lift conditions as well as thermals in the adjacent valleys and fields.
          We plan to celebrate our 70th by assembling a large fleet of gliders and additional tow planes for the day to allow as many gliders as possible access to tows. We want to promote the joy of soaring by inviting the public and introducing them to wonders of sailplanes through educational activities. We’re hoping pilots in your club will fly-in/tow-in and join us!
          Food and beverage will be on hand, with early morning refreshments provided for arriving pilots and crew and food trucks at the airport throughout the day for pilots, crew and the visiting public. Other educational and hands-on activities are in the works to make the day fun and safe for all.

Pilots please Register using the link below:


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